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Branch / Regional Manager

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

    Co-ordinate activities of all Asst manager Ops / CREs for effective delivery of service.
    Assess and approve manpower plans and ensure it is within the said budget
    Overlook work schedules and plans to see whether they are in line with customer expectations and the company’s agreed terms.
    Handle client problems at all levels and ensure that solutions are found without recurrence in problems.
    Represent senior members of the organisation ie, Directors for all operational issues.
    Ensure that numbers are maintained at all sites by initiating recruitments, and employing strategies that promote retention among trained staff.
    Co-ordinate and assess training activities and monitor results
    Plan for the growth of individual employees with valid performance data.
    Conduct quality assurance programmes from time to time.
    Enable junior staff to perform their duties by training counselling and guidance.
    Monitor the reward and recognition programmes of the company
    Liaison with clients for new business , grievance redressal, complaints and suggestions etc.
    In case of a start up property ensure the systems are implemented from project phase to operational phase by taking complete charge and responsibility.

    Report the events and development along with contribution and value addition to management on a weekly basis
    Recruit AMO/executives/ supervisors with help of HR
    Focus on long term objectives of the organisation and put in efforts to achieve them in small installments
    Ensure proper administration of branch in terms of office infrastructure, and assets, staff attendance, leave, joining, exit etc.
    Ensure all statutory compliances are met through the support staff.
    Regular appraisals for down line staff will need to be done
    Ensure monthly MIS is submitted as per the required timelines

    Ensure Operations in branch are within approved operational budget and ensure profitable operations in branch as a profit centre.
    Budget for equipment, manpower and materials and prepare quotations.
    Timely billing of all sites and follow up for collection through the support executive/ops team.

    Work in close liaison with CEO/MD to ensure company’s growth targets are achieved for the FY.
    Work both independently and along with the team on identifying new opportunities in the existing sectors and also new and emerging areas
    Meet new / prospective clients on a regular basis to develop business and also understand emerging business models, competitors, pricing methods etc.


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